March 2016

angelique gown when freddie met lilly keyhole back wedding dressYour wedding dress, the one dress you have dreamed of wearing since the day you met your someone special. The time has come to put those dreams into reality; only there are more options than the average bride knew about. Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly offer a wide variety of wedding dress to choose from. However, if you want to go with a growing trend and something stunning at the same time, you may consider a keyhole back wedding dress. Below, you can find a little more about a keyhole back gown, as well as some of the popular dresses offered by When Freddie met Lilly in this style.

What is a keyhole back?

A keyhole is exactly what it sounds like, only bigger. It is an open back that has a closure at the top as well as the bottom, creating the keyhole look. The keyholes designs can come in several different sizes and styles. When Freddie met Lilly brings you some of the most stunning dresses with keyhole backs.

short vs. long bridesmaid dresses when freddie met lilly shira gown
Congratulations on your engagement! Next is where all the fun starts, planning your big day. However, when you are planning you will have a lot of important decisions to make. One being whether or not you should go with short or long bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully, Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly offers the best of both. In the end, however, it will be up to you to choose which style goes best with your overall wedding theme.

Consider the Formality

One thing you always need to look into when trying to decide on which style dress is best is the formality of your wedding. If you are going to the traditional, formal, church wedding, you might consider going with a longer dress instead. Shorter dresses are more for more relaxed or outdoor weddings.

When Freddie met Lilly brides KyraIn this edition of when Freddie met Lilly brides our beautiful bride Kyra reveals her secrets for a perfect wedding day.

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly!?
We had a long time to plan our wedding!  We had been engaged for about five years (can’t rush these things) and only really started to get into planning after I had bought the dress.  Even then the date we set was 18 months in advance – so heaps of time to plan!!

Our wedding day ran so smoothly.  The preparation on the day was super relaxing. I had the two most attentive bridesmaids you could ask for and it was so cool just hanging out all day with your best friends (and mum!) drinking champagne, listening to music and getting pampered with hair and make up.

When freddie met lilly bride Laura

Image credit:Tamara Cadd Photography

In this edition our bride Laura Spencer talks about her wedding and her perfect wedding dress. She got married in January.

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly !?
The day ran totally smoothly. I was never the type of little girl who always dreamed of getting married and had this pre-planned idea in my head. Instead, all of the preparations happened in the six months between us getting engaged and the wedding. We were pretty relaxed and knew that some things wouldn’t work out as we imagined, so we just ran with anything that was a bit ‘off script’.

wedding dress train addie gown when freddie met lilly brisbaneWhen it comes to weddings and your wedding dress, there is no set rules. However, there are several traditions that brides feel the need to live up to. One tradition being the train. Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly want you to know that your wedding can be anything you desire. Although there are no set rules for a wedding dress train, here are some basic guidelines you can look into.

Wedding Dress Train for a First Time Bride

Trains are more or less for anyone and everyone. However, they say the only time you should avoid a train is if you are renewing your vows or if this is your second wedding. A wedding dress train is more of an elaborate statement that should be left to those who are getting married for the first time. This goes hand in hand with the bridal veil; both are for the new brides only.

dip hem bridesmaid dresses when freddie met lilly brisbane serica gownThere comes a time in all the madness of wedding planning that you have to figure out which style bridesmaid dress works for your wedding and your bridesmaid’s style. You will be faced with several different decisions, long, short, strapless, one strap and more. However, to make your decision a little easier, Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly offers a different option that is very popular at this time. This is the dip hem or the high low dress as some of you may know. It is higher in the front and dips down lower in the back. Not only is this a popular style of dress, but they are very stunning as well.

Our Serica Gown offers a Dip Hem

If you want your bridesmaids to make a statement and look stunning at the same time, then the Serica Gown is the dress for them to wear! This gown is sexy and sweet at the same time and offers an edgy feel because of its cut.

vintage wedding dresses when freddie met lilly brisbaneYour wedding day is the day you have dreamed up all throughout your childhood, now the time to plan is here. Of course, every aspect of planning a wedding takes time. Some, however, take longer. Your wedding dress is one of these things. There are so many different style gowns to choose from that you have to really think about what you want. Brisbane’s designers When Freddie met Lilly says vintage wedding dresses never go out of style. Therefore, here are the five you will fall in love with.

1. Kelly Gown

This vintage wedding dress should be in a class of its own. It has elegance and charm mixed with vintage details such as its lavish train, full length lace sleeves, and scallop details along the back. This timeless gown is one to make an impression.

rustic wedding when freddie met lilly brisbane aylece wedding dressCongratulations on your engagement. Now the real fun starts, planning your big day. Brisbane designers, When Freddie met Lilly wants to help your dream wedding come true. They offer a long line of wedding attire for your bridal party. From modern to vintage, and even rustic they can help you. Nowadays more and more brides are choosing to go with a rustic wedding. Therefore, here are some tips to help you plan your perfect rustic wedding.

Centrepiece Ideas

When it comes to planning your rustic wedding, you need to make sure that your reception as the same theme as your wedding does. This way everything ties together perfectly. One thing you can focus on to really create a rustic wedding theme is your centrepieces. There are several ideas you can use for rustic ideas, one being mason jars. Mason jars represent country, rustic, timeless treasures. Fill mason jars with country flowers such as baby’s breath or even sunflowers, place them on top of the lace and add a few candles and you have yourself a simple yet rustic centrepiece.

empire wedding dress julietta gown when freddie met lillyWhen it comes to your big day you want everything to be perfect. This includes your wedding gown. After all, this is a dress you have dreamed about since you were little. When Freddie met, Lilly is one of the top Brisbane designers. We want to help you come up with a dress you were made for. More and more brides are choosing to go with an empire wedding dress for many reasons. If you are interested in finding out if the empire wedding dress style is meant for you, then you have come to the right place!

Romantic and Classic Elegance

Everyone has a different wedding style. However, some styles and designs of gowns never drift away. The empire cut is one that is tried and true. After all these years, this style remains. Why, though, is it because it allows you the freedom to move, is it because it is light and airy so that your nerves don’t overheat you? Whatever the reason, it has its benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a gown that offers classic elegance then consider going with the Sabine Raw Silk Gown. This empire wedding dress offered to you by When Freddie met Lilly, is one that is one of a kind and offers a classic elegance. It is a raw silk, so it feels silky smooth against your body and with the empire waist, it keeps you feeling light and airy.

winter wonderland wedding when freddie met lilly isla gownWith Summer coming to an end just last week, everyone’s minds have turned to the new season, but none so excitedly as the beautiful brides looking forward to their wedding days in Winter! The quarter of the year we know as Winter brings with it not only cold weather but also fast approaching dates for mid-year weddings. With mere months until those big days, it is time to decide on a stunning gown to wear and wrap up all other aspects of wedding planning. But whether a bride has found her dream gown or not, there is always one thing at the front of her mind…

It is not uncommon for a bride to fear the nippy temperatures on her special day. And who wants little Goosebumps covering their body in all of those beautiful pictures of their Winter Wonderland Wedding? When Freddie met Lilly understands these concerns, and is here to show you the best options for keeping warm and cosy whilst still looking impossibly glamourous on your wedding day!