November 2014

brisbane formal wearLilly has recently come to the conclusion that she loves her body! And she especially loves the way she feels when she is in Brisbane formal wear created by When Freddie met Lilly!

Sure, there’s a little too much here and not enough there, but when she looked at herself in the full length mirror after trying on her new gown from the When Freddie met Lilly Brisbane formal wear collection, she was more than satisfied.

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Lilly discovered When Freddie met Lilly when she was looking for her first bridesmaid’s dress and her big sister’s wedding gown. They were both so pleased with the designs, the service, and the fit and feel of the gowns, that she went back a few weeks later when she was looking for a cocktail dress for a business party. Ever since, she was hooked. The place to go for Brisbane formal wear and bridal fashion is When Freddie met Lilly!

beach wedding dress brisbaneAre you planning your wedding?

What is your theme going to be?

How about a theme featuring seaside, sand and your beach wedding dress Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly?

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The beach wedding theme is probably one of the most versatile and popular choices a couple can make when planning their wedding. Who doesn’t day dream of eloping and getting married on a tropical island with a delicious long drink in their hand? Admittedly, most of us will opt for getting married within our circle of friends and loved ones, and will have to decide on an appropriate venue, whether we invite four guests or 400.

No matter where you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony, all weddings have one thing in common: the bride and groom must look and feel their absolute best on their wedding day.

Luckily, that is easy for both of them to achieve with an awesome custom suit and striking beach wedding dress Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly!