July 2014

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Lilly loves wedding dresses Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly. And she loves wedding blogs. She wishes she would have found this one on facebook sooner. It might have helped a time or two, when she was in a doubting mood.

The idea is to prepare a “fight box”; this might be something that your bridesmaid and groomsman could arrange. A few days before the ceremony, the bride and groom to be write each other love letters and seal them in separate envelopes. During the wedding ceremony, these letters are placed with a bottle of wine in a box, which is nailed shut. An agreement is then made: when the couple have their first fight, the box will be opened. Each reads their partner’s love letter, and then they share the wine and make up.

The point I’m making here, is that your husband to be will surely write to you that he loves you just the way you are! Among other things, of course!

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But that is still a few days off, and gives Lilly a chance to delve into daydreams about the races. Did you ever daydream about the races? If you are like Lilly, your dreams changed with your age.

When she was about 10 years old, Lilly read every book about horses she could get her hands on. One of the most memorable being National Velvet. This stirring story highlighting the capability of “normal” girls and women to attain their goals and dreams helped her to believe in herself. Lilly was sure she would not just win the local gymkhana with her pony Violet, but that she would certainly ride winning race horses when she was old enough.

Around the time of her 14th birthday, Lilly outgrew her racing dreams as well as the size of the average jockey. Friends and interests, society and style started occupying her daydreams, as her own designs filled her drawing pads and collections of shoes occupied her closet. An imagined day at the races was something completely different from sweating in a riding hat and boots that smelled of manure. She decided she’d rather be watching than riding.

Lilly loves dressing up for formal occasions in the designer gowns and dresses she gets made to measure from the experts at When Freddie met Lilly.

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