May 2014

wedding dresses brisbaneDid you hear about the Leatherback Sea Turtle who made a special guest appearance at a beach wedding in St. Croix?

A gal and guy had just finished their lovely ceremony, when the beauty crawled out of the surf and made her appearance. She didn’t waste any time, but laid her eggs and went back to sea.

What a special blessing for that couple on their most important day!

That story set Lilly to daydreaming about her favourite thing: weddings. And today she is dreaming about the wedding gown she would wear at her destination wedding. Lucky for her, in daydreams she can choose from all the wedding dresses Brisbane can offer her and wear them to all her fantasy ceremonies.

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In most of her daydreams, Lilly and her man are alone at a beautiful location, so she wants to be able to dress herself easily and not find a lot of creases and wrinkles in her gown when she unpacks. She chose each daydream gown from When Freddie met Lilly’s fantastic collection of designer label wedding dresses in Brisbane’s very own boutique. The expert team custom fits the gown and is happy to give you tips on how to transport that gem the best. They’ll even get it ready for your suitcase for you!

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formal dresses brisbane cityOut shopping? No need to look any further!

Or haven’t you really started looking yet?

It is never too early to start thinking about what you want to wear to your school formal!

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Come to the experts at When Freddie met Lilly, where you will find the most extensive collection of formal dresses Brisbane city can offer! We’d love to see you in our boutique store in Brisbane, but if you can’t make it, what about Melbourne? We will be in Melbourne with our designer bridal and formal gown collection on the 26th & 27th of May. Click here and book your appointment now!

wedding flower bouquetOh! The planning involved in getting everything just right for your wedding day!

Do you want it to be spectacular and beautiful and lovely and fun and are you getting a teensy bit overwhelmed?

Let the experts at When Freddie met Lilly help you out!

We’ve shown you Five Stress-Free Steps to the Designer Wedding Dress of Your Dreams!

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You can find out Lilly’s choice of When Freddie met Lilly designer bridal fashion and wedding flower bouquet combinations!

bridesmaid dresses brisbaneIf you bought your fabulous When Freddie met Lilly designer wedding gown from us, then you already know that we have the best experts on our team and that we use only the finest designs and fabrics.

Now you’re shopping at the top address for the best bridesmaid dresses Brisbane can offer!

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We’ve treated you like royalty; we’ll give your best friends all of our attention, too!

Let our professional team help you find the most dazzling bridesmaid dresses in or out of Brisbane. We take your wedding theme, gown, colours and the individual looks of your bridesmaids into consideration, giving you cutting-edge bridal fashion for your dream-come-true wedding.

bariano-dressWithout envy, the experts at designer label When Freddie met Lilly can say that the Bariano dress collections are spectacular.

Our boutique in Brisbane sports a choice selection of Bariano dresses to present you with a wider range of cocktail gowns and formal dresses to choose from.

In addition to our designer sales items, we are making our Bariano dresses available to you at 30% off regular price! We can offer them to you in Brisbane and online.

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Next to the stunning bridal fashion and formal collections created by our brilliant Brisbane based When Freddie met Lilly designer, the Bariano formal and cocktail dresses are a class of glamorous gowns which can hold their own, and are lovely for after 5 occasions.

Today we’ll shine our spotlight on several eye-catching Bariano dress designs.

whenfreddiemetlilly wedding suit

Photo: Israel Rivera

A custom made wedding suit will cost you as much as your bride-to-be’s wedding gown, right?


That is; you could spend that much, but you don’t have to.

Our make to measure designer suits are perfect for your wedding and for your wallet.

Take a look at the amazing suits in When Freddie met Lilly’s wedding suit for $499.95 deal!

Face it men, no matter how casual you usually like to go, there are some occasions where a suit is a must-have.

Like on your wedding day.