February 2014

whenfreddiemetlilly-wedding-dressAre you a woman who acknowledges designer wedding dress trends but knows what complements your own form and therefore choose to set your own style?

We are pleased to tell you that all our designer gowns from When Freddie met Lilly can be customised with your unique personal touch to create a gown like no other!

Pictured here is our free flowing sweet lace embellished Roses Gown with a 100% silk skirt underlay. Flower petals on two subtle keyholes on the back portray ornate dress detailing while delicate lace sleeves make this gown the picture perfect garden appropriate wedding dress!

The aptly named Roses Gown design is accessorized here with a lovely Silk Bow. With a variety of colours, our Silk Bows add a charming compliment to any lace style gown.

What personal touches might you add to your designer wedding dress to create your very own uniquely you design?

phoenix-bridal-fashionLadies, we know there are many special occasions where formal dresses will develop into a compulsory requirement rather than a nice-to-have option. There comes a time in our lives where one of those extraordinarily special occasions is your own wedding.

Regardless of whether you find yourself in the position of ‘always a bridesmaid…’ with a closet full of bridesmaid dresses, or your special day has finally come, the most exhilarating and emotional decision is always that perfect wedding dress, the crowning glory of your special day.

That is, besides your new husband, of course. We are excited to present you with our new bridal fashion Phoenix Collection!

Take a peek, your perfect wedding dress is just waiting to be discovered at When Freddie met Lilly!