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10 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas 2017: Part One

wedding theme ideas 2017 wfml brisbane If you are getting married in 2017, then you are probably already trying to figure out your theme for the whichever season you are considering. Here at When Freddy met Lilly, we understand that the theme of your wedding is just as important to you as the dress you get married in. Everything must be perfect, and nothing left to chance. With that being said, read on below for five of the top 10 trending wedding theme ideas 2017 revealed.

1. Greenery Themed

In 2016, weddings featured elegant greenery were all the rage. It looks like the trending wedding theme ideas 2017 will include greenery once again. From greenery on the backs of chairs to green flowers in the hair of the flower girl you love, if you are getting married in the spring this year, then this is the best way to go.

2. Trending Wedding Theme Ideas 2017: Garden

When it comes to being a lover of nature, and getting married in the summer of 2017, you can’t go wrong with an elegant garden theme. Flowers will abound in everything from the gazebo you choose to get married into the flowers you wear in your hair. Don’t forget to visit When Freddy met Lilly for the perfect bridal gown. Our Crystal Gown with a lovely tulle skirt is the perfect choice for a summer wedding. You will look like the dream when you are heading down the garden path to the man you love.

3. Barn Themed

Once again, nature is rearing its head in the trending wedding theme ideas 2017. Fill your wedding with wooden stumps, nature inspired décor and gorgeous rustic lanterns for the perfect barn themed wedding in 2017. At When Freddy met Lilly, we know how important nature is to many of our brides. Visit us today for help with all of your wedding needs.

4. Vintage Themed

It seems that the vintage themed wedding never goes out of style. From the blue and white old-fashioned décor to the elegant vintage trays that can be used to hold your centrepieces at the reception. You can have a lot of fun with a vintage themed wedding in 2017. Just remember to choose your dress wisely at When Freddy met Lilly today.

5. Neutral Themed

Neutral themed weddings are always popular for those who love simplicity in their wedding themes. That hasn’t changed in 2017’s wedding themes. White and silver are still popular. Visit When Freddy met Lilly to try on our silver Golightly Gown and find the perfect wedding dress for your neutral themed wedding today.

These are just five of the trending wedding theme ideas 2017. We will visit another five in our next article. Whether your dream wedding is neutral themed or barn themed, we have the dress and accessories for you. Visit us at When Freddy met Lilly in Brisbane and let us help you prepare for the wedding of your dreams in 2017.

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