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WFML 10 things you should never wear to a wedding

10 Things you should never wear to a Wedding

When you dress for a wedding, the golden rule is:


Do not draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. Here are the 10 worst things you could possibly wear to ruin a wedding.

1. The Ballgown

A wedding is not the time or place to try and look dressier than the bride. Even if the invitation says “black tie” it doesn’t mean you should overdo it. If it says casual, tone your’s down and please don’t show up in a ball gown.

2. Never wear an Extreme Outfit

Don’t show yourself off. This is the couple’s day to shine. Best is to stay clear of anything dramatic that shouts “Look at me!”  like the upstager dress.

3. The Neon Dress

Loud colours, like lime green, hot pink, and electric blue make you stick out like a sore thumb, as you might be the only one in them. The dance floor lights up, nobody’s noticing the bride, they’re all staring at you. This is someone else’s wedding. Don’t steal the focus. They should not be able to pick you out in every picture by your dress colour. No matter how over the top the wedding, be understated and elegant

4. Sequins and Shine

You’re at a wedding, not a disco. Maybe sequins and shine is your signature look, but this day isn’t about you. Use a little bling as an accent, but stop trying to be the centre of attention.

5. Anything Bridal

It’s not your wedding. Why dress like a bride? Don’t wear white. Ever. Even if the bride doesn’t mind. Have respect, it’s her big day. There should only be one white dress in the room. Unless the dress code is white, or the bride doesn’t wear a white dress. Avoid anything one could mistake for a wedding dress, especially white lace. Same goes for cream, light beige, off white, champagne, ivory, and eggshell (these can look like white in the dark!)

6. Animal Print

Animal prints are unacceptable (unless the bride tells you to wear them). You don’t have to wear a flower dress or be plain, you can still be you. Try other patterns. Even polka dots. As long as you understand this day is not about you. An in-your-face leopard print dress is likely to draw a lot of attention to you, meaning you’re taking attention away from the bride.

7. Too short and tight

Wearing clothes that are extremely short (and tight) are inappropriate. If you’re not into full-length dresses, try something that falls to the knees. If you’re really drawn to super-short and tight it has to wait for a night at the club!

8. See-Through

There’s a time and place to wear see-through, but someone else’s wedding is definitely not one of it. Sheer is fine. Illusion necklines, capes or sleeves will turn heads to you for the right reasons. Anything too revealing is out.

9. Backless

Even if the bride wears a backless dress, such a dress gets you the kind of attention she might not greatly appreciate. You don’t have to cover up completely, but can show some skin with caution and class, like with deep or pot necks. Cover up during the ceremony with a shawl or cape.

10. Plunging Necklines

Accentuate your best features, but showing off curves too much is also not the way to go. Try a strapless, sweetheart, bateau, boat, or V – neckline. Stay away from a deep V or plunge V.  Revealing necklines that plunge so deeply don’t suit a wedding. They attract the wrong kind of attention. Choose something sensuous but graceful.

These are simple rules, only courtesy and etiquette. But of course you can wear something special if it fits a certain wedding theme or the bride and groom explicitly mentioned it in their wedding invitation. Especially bridesmaids dresses can be more special these days.

Check out our formal range for a sophisticated evening gown, a semi-formal dress in red, short (cocktail) dress in baby pink, or beautiful accessories for some bling at When Freddie me Lilly in Brisbane.  Dress up appropriately, and show up on time. That’s all there is. And remember, always follow the dress code.

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