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10 Ideas for a Summer Wedding, Part 2

Summer is in full swing, and there are just an abundance of ideas you can choose from for your lovely summer wedding. We already covered some of ours here at When Freddie met Lilly, but here follow even more eye-openers!

6. A summer wedding with a flowery bouquet and dress

Go for a sunflower bouquet, consisting of bold yellow sunflowers, assorted greenery, and a few small white blooms. Or how about carrying a fragrant bouquet, containing dahlias, roses, seeded eucalyptus, and lavender. Maybe you rather want your floral arrangements to feel loose and wild, “as if you’d grabbed some wildflowers and stuck them in a jar!”  Then choose a wildflower bouquet, comprised of greenery from the bushes, your garden’s seasonal flowers, peonies, and greenery.

You could use a flowery bouquet with our pretty Renee skirt, which is a full flowing skirt that you could wear in a two piece-gown. Or choose When Freddie met Lilly’s flowery Dania embellished bodice, which has heavily embellished lace, long sleeves, and a sexy open butterfly-back, and can also be worn as a separate.

7. Shaded against the heat

If the sun is hot or bright, a special idea is to ad umbrellas as an extra. Hand them out at the entrance as the guests arrive or place one on the chair of each at your outdoor event. Guests at a summer wedding can also be given fans and hats to help beat the heat and keep them cool at an outdoor reception. Wooden fans, or paper parasols in a warm, sunny palette can also be set out for guests to shield them from the hot sun. And another super fun favour to pass out to your loved ones, is inexpensive sunglasses – to enjoy their outside wedding in style!

8. Cool down time

The best thing of course with which to relieve the warmth of the weather, is ice-cream, and it goes without saying that a frosty sweet summer treat passed around during the cocktail hour, is the answer. Even better, a wonderful way to end a summer wedding is by serving some creamy ice cream, which will be the last wonderful thing they’ll remember! Think about a late night sundae bar. Or consider hiring one or more local food trucks that specialize in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream and desserts, which definitely should take the load off your shoulders! Instead of cake, how about serving buckleberry ice cream sandwiches (made with ginger cookies.)

9. Refreshing cocktails and summer menu

The cocktail hour can be held outside so guests could soak in the weather (for instance in the mountains). Refreshments such as fruit-and-mint-infused water in glass bottles on the reception tables, help keep guests cool and refreshed throughout a warm evening. Or you may choose to serve ice-cold sodas, the perfect summer refreshment to hidrate your guests during the cocktail hour. How about offering a few different made-to-order cocktails, alongside your signature drink, and delicious summery hors d’oeuvres ( for instance mini shrimp salad rolls). Or think about a lavish cheese spread, and different types of cheese served, with breadsticks and fruit.

Offer a classic summer menu, consisting of a salad as well as grilled vegetables. Everyone loves a BBQ style dinner so why not make this your rehearsal dinner? Or, how about setting out a basket of pashmina shawls (in your wedding’s palette) to guard the female guests’ shoulders on a chilly evening reception. And, another super fun favour to pass out to your loved ones, is inexpensive sunglasses, to enjoy their outside wedding in style!

To hire food trucks for your wedding, is also a popular idea.

10. Fun and Games

Playing lawn games at weddings is fun and the easy way to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour. From the custom corn hole, horseshoes, bocce, to playing croquet in the yard during the cocktail hour, take full advantage of the warm summer wedding with fun and games!

Offer flip flops to your guests and place a cute sign next to them, to encourarage them to dance and relax.

Summertime!  Ice cream, beach days, sundresses, and delicious cocktails are just some of the reasons we love this season. Summer is the most popular season for weddings and with so many fun ideas it is easy to see why. And if you’re having a summer wedding, remember all the great ones we mentioned to you here at When Freddie met Lilly!

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