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10 Ideas for a Summer Wedding, Part 1

When you wedding blog for a living, you daily come across a million fun ideas, and with the warm weather now in full swing, we here at When Freddie met Lilly would like to share some of our favourites from the summer wedding season with you!

Maybe you’re planning a warm-weather indoor, outdoor, or even beachside celebration. You can have a beautiful wedding location, stunning decor and pretty flowers, an outdoor dance floor, a refreshing signature drink, wooden fan to stay cool, an ice cream cart, and wear one of the stunning dresses from us here at When Freddie met Lilly! Below we expand on our best ideas for a summer wedding, which will confirm why summer is after all the best season to get married in!

1. The perfect venue for your summer wedding

A small tent or outdoor patio maybe all you need. How about getting married next to a lake or river? From lakeside cabins to rustic retreats, having your wedding ceremony on a dock or peer is a super rustic chic idea. There is nothing more calming than to overlook the water, especially the the soft rippling of it, and the moonshine or the stars.

There’s also the idea of getting married on a boat, or the beach! You could design beachy invites for your wedding, using the famous message-in-a-bottle idea. Or decorate the groom’s lapel with a starfish and a bit of grass to fit the beach theme of his wedding!

2. Use bright colours

Summer is the perfect excuse to brighten up your day and decorate your reception tables with bright hues and fun fabrics. Many pretty flowers are now blooming with lovely colours everywhere outside.

Dress yourself in colour. Be a vision of elegance in our Derry Gown from our Drew collection here at When Freddie met Lilly. The high boat neck sits on the decollatage beautifully, while the leg split balances the skirt out perfectly. If you envision the summer season in a softer pink, go for our Destiny gown – also from the Drew collection here at When Freddie met Lilly.  It’s deep neck line and exposed back create a sleek, contemporary silhouette with a flared skirt and short train.

A summer wedding is also a great excuse to dress your bridesmaids in bright beautiful colours. Check out our Xanadu maxi in chiffon with split, also our Xanadu maxi in chiffon, and the Milla maxi in bright colours.

3. Let there be light

More beautiful and romantic than sparkling lanterns at the dinner table you wouldn’t find!  Hang unique shape lanterns at different levels to add some fun to the traditional alfresco meal. Or after the cocktail hour, as the night sky appears overhead, join your guests in releasing wish lanterns up into the sky!

Another idea is to let white and gold fireworks explode the end of your summer wedding, with which you can enliven an elegant rustic wedding reception. Just make sure the professionals rather do it and remember to check with your venue before lighting anything off.

4. How about an outside wedding? 

Being outside is almost a must for a summer wedding! You could host your wedding dinner inside and have your dance floor outside. Or may even decide to dress up picnic tables for your dinner, which can be the perfect solution for any rustic wedding. If it’s a morning or midday wedding, make sure your wedding guests are able to enjoy the sunshine with an outdoor dance floor.

You might think a night ceremony is out of the question, but we here at When Freddie met Lilly think that summer is the perfect time to host an evening wedding ceremony. Get married at night under mason jar lights hanging from the trees. Using hay bales is an easy way to add seating to your wedding location (especially an outside one.) For your outdoor country ceremony, cover them with fabrics or quilts to keep the look rustic yet comfortable.

5. Plenty of summer wedding florals

As you walk down the aisle, nothing brightens you up like a lovely decorative arrangement of poppy florals mixed with some greenery inbetween. Choose a hue that works with your palette to decorate your ceremony with. Or use them as centerpieces on your tables at the reception. You could also decide on citrus centerpieces – maybe slatted wooden boxes filled with fruit and orange blossoms that brings fragrance and colour to your cocktail tables!

Make your beautiful outdoor ceremony look like an English garden, complete furnished with wrought iron chairs, a boxwood-lined aisle, and a sweet pea-covered arch.

So you see, summer brings with it fun, and so many different ways to incorporate our favourites from here at When Freddie met Lilly! Look out for part 2 for more great ideas for your fabulous summer wedding!

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